Certification & Training

In today’s world of high-tech automobiles, where the auto glass is an intricate part of the vehicle’s structure and safety, there is an increasing need for those technicians, who replace the glass in your vehicle, to be trained and understand the proper installation procedures, to ensure your auto glass is replaced to the original manufacturer’s standards.

Ready Auto Glass & Windshield Repair takes pride in the fact that our technicians have met a gold standard for proper installation, by having completed training offered by Dow Automotive Systems’ Fixed Glass Training Program, Certified by Auto Glass Replacement Safety Standards.

This includes:

  • Primed to Glass Adhesive Systems
  • High Modules, Non-Conductive Adhesive Systems
  • Corrosion Treatments
  • Required Standards
  • New Systems Updates
Dow Training Certificate
Dow Training Certificate ERIC

Additionally, our technicians have gone through training provided by SIKA, the manufacturer of auto glass retention systems. The SIKA training is an Auto Glass Replacement Safety Standards registered training course, which includes:

  • Comprehensive Retention System Training
  • Mechanics of AGR Removal, Replacement and Relevant Technical Specifications
  • Original Equipment Installation Standards and Procedures
  • Auto Glass Replacement Safety Issues
Sika Certificate Samuel
Sika Certificate Eric

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