Certification & Training

In today’s world of high-tech automobiles, where the auto glass has become an intricate part of the vehicle’s safety features, and where cameras, sensors, and radar may be connected to the windshield, there is an increasing need for the technicians who replace the glass in your vehicle, to be trained and understand the proper installation procedures to ensure your auto glass is

replaced to the original manufacturer’s standards. It is critical that your car’s Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) be recalibrated correctly to ensure the alignment is restored to factory specifications.

Ready Auto Glass & Windshield Repair takes pride in the fact that our technicians have met a gold standard for proper installation, and recalibration of ADAS systems by having completed training offered by AUTEL, Dow Automotive, and SIKA Corporation. Both DOW and SIKA training are Auto Glass Safety Council registered training course, which include:

Dow’s Automotive Systems’ Fixed Glass Training Program

  • Primed to Glass Adhesive Systems
  • High Modules, Non-Conductive Adhesive Systems
  • Corrosion Treatments
  • Required Standards
  • New Systems Updates

SIKA’s Automotive Fixed Glass Training Program


  • Comprehensive Retention System Training
  • Mechanics of AGR Removal, Replacement and Relevant Technical Specifications
  • Original Equipment Installation Standards and Procedures
  • Auto Glass Replacement Safety Issues

Our technicians who have completed both Dow and Sika certification training, are:

Samuel Redden
Eric Coyner
Melanie Simper
Bradley Osborn
Braiden Osborn
Hunter Knapstad

In addition to the above courses, our technicians have completed specialized training provided by

Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) Calibration Training

which includes:

  • How ADAS cameras and sensors function and how this applies to calibration
  • How ADAS systems operate
  • ADAS calibration best practices for performing accurate calibrations
  • Comprehensive pre and post-scan reporting to protect your business
  • The calibration process and workflow
  • Why calibrations fail
  • Hands-on ADAS calibration on multiple vehicles

Our technicians who have completed the above certification training, are:

Samuel Redden
Eric Coyner
Bradley Osborn

Ready AutoGlass Windshield Repair Training & Certification

When it comes to windshield repairs, when you combine knowledge, experience, and the best tools in the industry, the result is a superior repair.

Ready Auto Glass started as REDDE Windshield Repair in 1988, only doing rock chip repair for several years before adding auto glass replacement. As we have grown over the last 36 years, we bring the knowledge, experience and understanding of the windshield repair process to our customers, gained by performing thousands of quality repairs. Our repair technicians today are the recipients of that knowledge and training based on 36 years of windshield repair experience.

Our technicians who have completed the training and certification are:

Samuel Redden
Eric Coyner
Bradley Osborn
Hunter Knapstad
Jordon Pryor