Mobile Rock Chip Repair Services

Do you need to repair your windshield before a rock chip spreads? Ready AutoGlass makes windshield rock chip repair easy with our free mobile service. In most cases, we can complete repairs in about an hour. Contact our friendly staff at Ready AutoGlass to schedule a repair at your home or workplace today.

Windshield Repair Service

Don’t panic if you discover a rock chip on your windshield. Rock chips can become a problem if left to spread but may be repaired quickly and inexpensively when they first occur. A chip repair seals small cracks in the windshield, by injecting resin into the damage, which bonds with the glass. This process can save your windshield and help you avoid a full replacement. If they are repaired quickly, the integrity of your windshield won’t be compromised. Let Ready AutoGlass come to you and repair your windshield to save you time and money.

Call today at 360-864-2614 or 800-722-5065 to schedule an appointment.

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Why choose Ready AutoGlass & Windshield Repair?

Our experienced technician has saved thousands of windshields with successful rock chip repairs. Ready AutoGlass uses the latest technology and repair processes. You can be confident that our Ready AutoGlass technician will repair your windshield efficiently and with care.

Convenient Mobile Service

Our free mobile service comes to you! We can serve customers at their homes or places of work, making your rock chip repair hassle-free. We serve all areas within a 65-mile radius in Southwest Washington.  Call us at (360) 864-2614 or 800-722-5065 to schedule a mobile rock chip repair appointment.